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    • Looking above @Pooja’s remark… My FB account was hacked with the Southwest advert spam… I was “tagged” through someone else, and shared a picture of a Cat to my community page, on New Years Eve… Haven’t been able to access my acct since…. Created a temporary acct. to warn people of this… it’s a Malicious Script, …. Since I paid for advertising on my community page, I sent emails to the Marketing Dept. as well… I have sent 6 emails to different departments within Facebook, and I got 6 “canned” responses from them… You know, with a Billion users on Facebook, you would think someone would have been Smart enough to suggest having a “Call Center”…. I have been able to remove the malicious scripting from my computer, but it took me 2 days to find and delete them…I am what you would call “Internetally Challenged”….followed all the steps they recommended….yes, they NEED a Call Center…. still waiting… “Frustrated in Greenville SC”

    • Facebook is full of crap these days. My account has been hacked for about three weeks now. The hacker has changed all the log-in info including the default email address in my account. He/She chats to my friends about some inappropriate things. I have been inform by many friends about nasty inbox messages.

      I am a working professional. This issue has caused some unexpected embarrassment to me. I have been writing to FB like million times. Including the options to fax/mail my legal identity, asking to to help me get my FB back or help me complete close my account. They don’t give a crap. They send out one generic mail to every complain I file saying, “write back if you did not receive any email notifying about the default email address change in your account”. And, when you write back, they do not respond.

      I am getting tired of fighting over this. So now, I am just sitting back an enjoying the show with frustration. I had a very difficult password. I have no clue how it got hacked.

      So yeah, bottom line is , be safe, you never know who is going to get into your account. Based on my online research, there are plenty of ppl with similar problem and FB hasn’t given a crap about them. I was loving FB, in terms of staying in touch with family and friends and getting in-touch with long lost friends. But, privacy wise FN sucks. Now, I have decided not to open another account.

      It’s sad that FB does nothing to resolve such problems after being report many times.

      • @pooja
        You r right. It might be hard for the Facebook team to respond to each and every message they receive. There are many ways to break a strong password like if the hacker have used a keylogger which might be hiding in your pc, no matter how strong the password you create it can be hacked very easily. You could contact the cyber cell department for taking action against the hacker.

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    • Awesome just awesome ! Face book is a great social networking website.. Id on face book is most important thing to us but some time its got hacked by the hackers…..about this problem shared information is nice and worth to read these tips are really good to get back our ids, thanks

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