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Speed-Up-Wordpress-Site-For-Free Website speed is now one of the factors considered by google for their ranking purpose. According to them only 1% of the sites are affected by it. So this might not be considered as a very important thing for your blog for seo. But this is some thing that affects the user experience.

Would any body like to wait up for a slow loading website? Of course we hate to wait for such sites and there is less chance the visitor will browse through other posts in that site. You might have every other thing in your blog to stick down the visitor and reduce the bounce rate. But you might be wondering for the reason when your bounce rate gets reduced even after implementing things like related posts, post interlinking etc. Here comes the important factor the speed of the site.

From my personal experience i was able to reduce the bounce rate of my site from 75% to 68% and my page views increased after making my site load fast.

My previous load time was around 12 – 15 seconds and after speed optimization the load time is now under 4 seconds! & More over i am on a shared hosting and haven’t used any of the cdn services too!

After learning a lot of optimization techniques i decided to put some of the basic things together as a Speed up wordpress post.

You can check my sites loading speed at PingDom.

As i am currently on my vacation i decided to help some people to get their wordpress sites optimized for speed.

Getting Your WordPress Site Optimized For Free

You might be wondering how much i will charge :). And let me tell you for the time being the service the Completely Free of Cost. I will Do it For You Absolutely Free Of Cost!

All you have to do is to retweet this post and click the facebook like button and post a comment regarding Speeding Up WordPress. Then just drop in the required information via the Contact Page.

I do it on a first come first serve basis and i will be free only for a few more days! So be fast!!


Amal Roy is the Founder-Editor of Computing Unleashed. A Technology Enthusiast, Windows Adept and a Proud Geek! | Connect with him on Google+

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    • Its really a great service , I would really be interested as my blog is quite famous but I think it has much room for improvement on speed side.


      • Yeah would be glad to help you, but as i mentioned do retweet the post and click face book like (as that will be a small favor you could do for me in return ) and just drop in a mail using the contact page. There are tons of things which can be done to speed up your website. I will be glad to help you out.

        Good Luck

    • wow Firebug shows your page speed as 91 that's awesome.Done everything as you mentioned I like you to improve my website speed, I am not geek in doing that.Hope you will do the necessary.
      Thanks to you for coming up with this great idea and service.

      • Thanks Venkat.

        I have checked your site. There are a few things which will improve the speed. Install the phpspeedy plugin and install w3 total cache. If you have doubts configuring w3 cache, just ping me i will help you. . Then leverage browser caching and compress contents using gzip.

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