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    • hi amal,

      I heard that iphone in US are very cheap like price for 4g with contract in only 149$ and u can unlock these very easily in india. Is this true.
      mine one friend from US is coming to India on December end, Please help me.

      • This is really a misconception of most of the indians, in india iphone sold for a price around 30k is without any contract, that means you could use it any where. As the phone is sold in contract basis in us you cant get that to india, but you could get an unlocked version from us.

    • I am using Iphone 3gs locked with vodafone, soon I am going to visit Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and Pakistan
      My questions is can I use my locked phone in these countries?

    • i live in malaysia..what if i buy an iphone 4 in US, can I refuse to sign the contract and bring the phone home in malaysia and unlocked it?

    • Also you can get one from Local Turkey Apple Stores after 13th October Factory for


      iphone 4 > 16 GB > 1066 $
      > 32 GB > 1366 $


      iphone 4 > 16 GB > free > 127 $ per month or 16 GB >500 $ > 50$ per month
      iphone 4 > 32 GB > 75 $ > 127 $ or 32 GB >575 $ > 50 $

      a little bit expensive for comparing for others huh ? :)

    • @Amal

      Please note that the US version of the iPhone is provider-locked to AT&T and the Japanese version is locked to Softbank. This being said, an iPhone4 purchased in these countries cannot be used with other providers.
      The Apple Store in Hong Kong sold the iPhone 3GS unlocked and may do so with the iPhone4. However, it's not yet released in Hong Kong. Moreover, some people reported that one cannot buy an iPhone in HK without having an address in Hong Kong. Naturally, they don't ship iPhones outside of Hong Kong.

    • i m sooner going to visit malaysia, singapore and thailand so from where i can get unlocked ? iphone 4 ? so that i can use it n Pakistan ? or else

      • @Amar one it is released in Malaysia and Singapore u'll be able to do as u said. But if it is necessary you could get from friends in UK, US, France and Japan etc where it have been already released and is available. You need to wait until the iphone 4 is released in those above mentioned countries where it will be officially unlocked and sold.

    • Where in Australia can I buy iPhone 4?

    • I wish to have an iphone 4G can you send it to france??

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