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    • Thanks!!!! from 3.1mb to 12.5mb

    • After this setting is enabled, using "Safely Remave Hardware" is must, otherwise you will get write error. If your computer is not shut down properly then also you will get wrie error.
      “Optimize for quick removal” option saves time using "Safely Remave Hardware". You can simply unplug your pendrive and you will not receive any error.

    • I think what Roberto meant to ask is: what are these write errors? What are they bad for? How to see them? How to get rid of them? Do they occur only when copying to the drive or even when it’s idle? … That sort of thing :)

    • Hello,
      great info! But I’m a bit worried about that last line. Could you explain why this trick will create write errors? How is the copying process affected? Thanks!

      • @roberto
        ThePerformance option will enable the write caching feature in windows. When this feature is turned on windows itself notifies in there to remove the device only by using the safely remove hardware option. As the data is being directly written into the pendrive the write speed gets enhanced than the normal, but it may cause write errors if the pendrive is removed directly.

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