How to Activate Kaspersky 2011 with License Key (Offline Activation)


Like the previous version of kaspersky internet security 2010, the new version too wont allow you to activate the license using a key file. But if you have got a genuine key for kaspersky 2011 you can easily activate it with the steps in our previous guide. Here’s how you can activate kaspersky using a key file.

If you have got a genuine serial key for kaspersky 2011, then this guide will help you convert kaspersky 2011 serial to key file. With the key file in your computer lets start.

  1. Click on the Kaspersky license manager from the main window (seen at lower right).
  2. The License management window will now popup with two options for you. Click on the “Activate the application with a new license” option.
  3. Disconnect your internet connection and enter this code. T1JVS-NNMBD-K1QTN-SUBP8.
  4. Followed by that an error window will be displayed with a message “Activation error:Cannot setup server connection”. Now Click on “OK”.license activation server error
  5. You will now be shown with the window to activate kaspersky 2011 with license key.kaspersky 2011 activating with key
  6. Just browse and locate your new license key file and done.

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    • thank you for your teams i like this website

    • Thanks for your comments, Rohan. Anyway your keyfiles are blocked by KasperSky lab when I use it, Kindly share new keys, thanks.

    • This is a simple method for activating kaspersky 2011 (requires internet connection) by keyfiles:

      1. Open Kaspersky 2011 License Manager (from lower right corner).
      2. Click ‘Activate the application with a new license’ button. (Delete any trial key first, by clicking the red X next to the key).
      3. Select ‘Activate commercial version’ and enter the activation license code as 11111-11111-11111-1111X
      4. Wait activation wizard message->Click OK
      5. Wait for wrong activation code message->Click OK->
      6. Screen will appear with KEY FILE BROWSE
      7. Browse to the key location and activate kaspersky.

      As of today(18th Aug 2010) below keys are working:

    • Thanks AliReza.
      I think its working.
      thanks again!!!

    • Hey EveryBody. I Solved This Problem, Testet , 100%

      1. If installed, uninstall Kaspersky and restart the computer.
      2. Run the KTR, click [PURGE], and exit.
      3. Install Kaspersky but DO NOT activate.
      4. Run the KTR, click [EXTRACT], and exit.
      5. Activate Kaspersky, update, and scan your computer.
      6. When you want to reset Kaspersky, just right click on the try icon and exit Kaspersky.
      7. Run the KTR and click [RESET]. (There is no need to repeat Step 1 – 5.)
      8. Activate Kaspersky, update, and scan your computer.
      9. Removal: Just delete the TR. There is nothing to uninstall.

      Download Link :
      Password : alireza

      Good Luck.

    • It's easy to activation using keyfile just off the internet to disallow server activation then kaspersky will leads you to the alternative activation by keyfile. However now the problem is Kaspersky will not allow you to get keyfile easily without request from local support.

      So there will be highly restricted to get the keyfile.

    • thanks dude.. this helps alot, i had a hard time figuring it out.. ur post are Thumbs Up.

    • Hi all

      I'm having genuine key for kaspersky 2010 Internet security…. can i use the existing key to 2011 internet security… Is there any possible

    • Thanks alot for that post, I was wondering how to add those license key files. Now i'm all set…Regarding people that have blocked license, Stay updated with uploaded torrents to get the latest keys !!! Sites like or piratebay is really helpful when it comes to keys.

    • Hello i have a problem with my kaspersky internet security, i activate lincense file but it say linsense is blocked how to enter another linsene file please help me …

      • @sunil shahi

        Check the reply to the comment i made just above.

      • open kaspersky settings then open manage lisence
        it will show your key is blocked you remove the key by the remove option
        download kaspersky antiblacklist crack
        from setting disable self protect and exit kaspersky
        install kaspersky antiblacklist crack
        install the key again
        your key will not be blocked again

        For more help

    • Hello i have a problem with my kaspersky internet security, i activate lincense file but it say linsense is blocked how to enter another linsene file?

      • Follow the above methods and when on the license activation screen go with the uninstall/delete license button and you can install new license key. Other option is to use kaspersky removal tool and remove everything completely including the license and reinstall the app.

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